Sam Stuewe (halosghost)


Most of my personal projects have been end-user facing, but my programming experience (both personally and professionally) has spanned a wide array of higher and lower-level languages, including C (up to C18), C# (6 and 7), Lua (5.x and luajit), Haskell (2010), Java (6) and many others.

I am a daily user of several linux distributions, and I professionally perform day-to-day systems administration and deployment of Linux, Windows and macOS physical and virtual machines.

If interested, please read my full CV and this one-page resume.

Technical Talks

I am available to give technical talks on a variety of subjects; contact me for details on topics and scheduling.


No project is ever complete, and though many of my projects are fairly stable, there are many more features I am considering for each of them.

Academic Work

I graduated with Latin and departmental honors from Macalester College class of 2014, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. You can view the full text of my honors' thesis on GitHub.